PMWL West - Teaming Up Investigation Status Update

Dear Fans,

We wanted to provide an update on our current investigation on Loops Esports and Team Queso.

On July 26th, during the 4th match of PMWL West Super Weekend, Loops Esports decided to not engage Team Queso and only firing a warning shot.

We've launched our internal investigation on this matter, and are reviewing our logs, not only to this incident but the whole of PMWL. This will require us to go through an extensive amount of data, replays and logs, and we won't be able to come to a conclusive decision before the start of PMWL West today but are planning to announce our findings before the Super Weekend.

Until the investigation concluded, we won't issue any action, but reserving the right to alter the results depending on our findings retroactively. We're also looking into other options to preemptively prevent teams from teaming up in the future with more news to come in the near future.


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