PMWL West - Teaming Up Investigation - Final Ruling

Dear Fans,

As promised, we wanted to give everyone an update on our investigation into Loops Esports and Team Queso during the 4th match of the second Super Weekend on July 26th before the start of the Super Weekend today.

We've reviewed all matches of Team Queso and Loops Esports, engagements, communication, kills vs knockdowns against each other, and many more datapoints, and could not find any other suspicious play. We were also able to confirm that Team Queso was not knowingly involved in the actions of Loops Esports.

For the actions of Loops Esports, we concluded that the team knowingly tried to avoid engaging with Team Queso but did not team up with them directly.

Despite there being no evidence that this interaction involved knowing collaboration between the two teams, it was clearly an instance of unsportsmanlike conduct by Loops that directly goes against the spirit of competition we stand for and, as such, the following ruling will be issued immediately:

  • Removal of all points earned by Loops Esports on July 26th (Day 3 of the second Super Weekend)

We want to thank our passionate fans around the world for their dedication and involvement in PMWL.

Yours PUBG MOBILE Esports


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