PUBG MOBILE Esports - 2nd half of 2020

Hello dear fans of the competitive PUBG MOBILE! Thank you for your support and for watching the first part of the 2020 competitive season, which will finish today with the crowning of the PUBG MOBILE World League Season Zero Champions! Heading into the upcoming months, we would like to share a lot of details about the upcoming tournaments for the PUBG MOBILE Esports scene!

First off, we would like to thank you for what became the biggest registration turnout in the PUBG MOBILE history, as over 80,000 teams have signed up for the upcoming PMCO 2020 Fall Split! That number however didn’t stopped us from stopping our fight against the hackers, as over 500 teams have been banned or disqualified from the qualifying stage by our Ban Pan system!

Just like in the Spring Split of the 2020 season, the road to the PUBG MOBILE World League leads through the PUBG MOBILE Club Open (PMCO) and PUBG MOBILE Pro League (PMPL). And both the players and fans wouldn’t have to wait long for the new beginning as both tournaments will start next week! Here’s the detailed schedule for each of the PMCO and PMPL regions:

As in Spring, the PUBG MOBILE Pro Leagues would see the best semi-pro teams from PMCO face off against the top pro teams in their region, which have been directly invited based on their PMPL Spring performance. Here’s how the invitees unfolded for each of the regions:

The Fall seasons of PMPL would also see the debut of a brand new point system, designed to force the better balance between placement and kills scored throughout games! The new point system will be launched with PMPL, while PMCO will continue to play on the old system with 20 placement points.

This isn’t all for the 2020 in PUBG MOBILE Esports however - Tune in to our official channels on August 24 to find out first about what would be our biggest competitive event of the year!


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