PMPL Americas Fall Season

Over two months after the PUBG MOBILE Pro League Americas inaugural split ended, the top teams in the region are coming back to battle in the PMPL Americas Season 2 for a lion share of a 200,000 USD prize pool.

The Fall season of PMPL Americas will see a total of twenty-four teams participating in the tournaments. Twelve of them, including such names as the defending champions in Loops Esports, Nova Esports and Cloud9, have been directly invited due to their great result in the previous PMPL season. The remaining spots have been decided through the PMCO 2020 Fall Split tournaments for North America, Latin America and Brazil, with their respective champions - Execute, ACE1 and 19esports leading the pack.

PMPL Americas Season 2 will begin on Tuesday, September 22th, and will be played throughout a five-week season, with the League Stage taking place in weeks 1-4. Throughout those weeks, the participants will be divided into three 8-team groups and play in a total of 52 matches over a period of 16 match days. At the end of League Stage, the top 16 teams based on the total points scored will advance to a 4-day, 20-match League Finals, that’ll decide the PMPL Americas Season 2 Champions.

For this season of PMPL Americas, the stakes have become bigger than before, as the teams will battle not only for a share of a 200,000 USD prize pool, but for three spots in the upcoming PUBG MOBILE Global Championship (PMGC) Season Zero!

You can watch and root for your favourite teams from the PMPL Americas Season 2 on live broadcast - make sure to tune in to our brand-new, PUBG MOBILE Esports-dedicated Twitch channel or through the remaining broadcast channels!