Competitive Ruling: Player Misconduct in PUBG MOBILE Global Championship

  • Player(s) Involved: FederaL, Gxlden, and Caiowski (Loops Esports)
  • League: PUBG MOBILE Global Championship
  • Subject: Code of Conduct – Competitive Integrity
  • Date of Ruling: 12/20/2020


During the Super Weekend 4 – Day 3 Match 4 & 5 of the PUBG MOBILE Global Championship League, the involved players from Loops Esports – FederaL, Gxlden, and Caiowski – effectively surrendered and refused to fight which affected the final rankings of the League. The PUBG MOBILE Esports team & ESL have reviewed all evidence of the unsportsmanlike behavior and came to the conclusion that this violates our Code of Conduct and the competitive integrity of PUBG Mobile Esports. Throughout the competitive year, Loops Esports had multiple incidents where an unsportsmanlike behavior was displayed. These actions directly conflict with the fair and balanced ecosystem we are striving to create for all of our players, organizations, and sponsors.


6.1.2 – Competitive Integrity.  All Teams and Team Members are expected to compete to the best of their skill and ability at all times in any Tournament Game

Official ruling

In light of today’s unsportsmanlike behavior and in accordance with the PUBG MOBILE competitive policy, Loops Esports has been disqualified from the ongoing competition - including all so far gained points, placements, and prizing. Players FederaL, Gxlden, and Caiowski are banned from all PUBG MOBILE tournaments until July 10, 2021.

*The underlined penalty is newly added on January 11, 2021.

Updated Leaderboards

Following Loops Esports' disqualification, the PMGC League Leaderboards have been updated: